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What are the largest cities in Canada?


Here are the top 25 largest and most known cities in canada and the population in each city.

Toronto, Ontario 2,481,494
Montreal, Quebec 1,812,723
Calgary, Alberta 878,866
Ottawa, Ontario 774,072
Edmonton, Alberta 666,104
Winnipeg, Manitoba 619,544
Mississauga, Ontario 612,925
Vancouver, Britich Columbia 545,671
Quebec, Quebec 509,950
Hamilton, Ontario 490268
Halifax, Nova Scotia 359,111
Surrey, British Columbia 347,825
Laval, Quebec 343,005
London, Ontario 336,539
Brampton, Ontario 325,428
Longueuil, Quebec 311,838
Gatineau, Quebec 226,696
Markham, Ontario 208,615
Windsor, Ontario 208,402
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 196,811
Burnaby, British Columbia 193,954
Kitchener, Ontario 190,399
Vaughan, Ontario 182,022
Regina, Saskatchewan 178,225
Saguenay, Quebec 166,780


What is the government structure in Canada?


The structure of the government in Canada are the Sovereign, Governor General, Parliament, Senate, House of Commons, Prime Minister, Cabinet, Judiciary, and the Acts and Regulations. For the first structure of the government is the Sovereign and that is broughten by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Going on the second structure of the government which is the Governor General and that is brought by her excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson and the governors general since confederation. Foolowed by the Parliament then to the senates which that is used for the committee business and bunch of thejournals. However the House of Commons is also in the structure and that holds the business of the house of commons and the journals of te houses.

There is even a Prime Minister which is brought by the great Paul Martin and even the Cabinet that holds information on the Canadian ministry and the cabinet that keeps information on the committee mandates and membership.

Finally, there is the Judiciary and Acts and Regulations. The judiciary holds information on Canada's court system or the history while acts and regulations make sure the bills from the government become law and the orders in council are being followed.




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